Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teacher Appreciation

IN THE NEWS: Illinois man orders custom beer-can coffin. Read more here.

FAST DRAFT PROGRESS: 7 pages. Still not my goal, though. Wah!

Well, it's Teacher Appreciation Week this week.

My little girl painted that little flower pot holder. She'll take it to her teacher today with a nice card she made. (She even even cut off some fur from her Webkinz to glue on the card)
Now that's love.

Nothing says "we appreciate you" like some flowers, a homemade card with dog fur--and an Applebees's gift card.**cough cough**

(All the room moms chipped in for the gift card) :)

Have you told a teacher how much they're appreciated this week?


Chicki said...

Adorable gift! I hope some of the parents of my daughter's homeschooled kids remember her, especially since Friday is the last day of school.

Right now I don't have any teachers, other than my pastor, but there are a few authors I've learned so much from. I thank them for being generous enough to share their wisdom about the industry and the craft of writing on their wonderful blogs - Tess Gerritsen, J. A. Konrath, Stephanie Bond, Bob Mayer/Jennifer Crusie and all of the participants at Blogging in Black.

Sasha Allgood said...

That is so neat! Everyone needs to know they're appreciated from time to time. I bet your daughter had lots of fun fixing something special for her teacher. Winners all around!

MaryF said...

We had a good teacher appreciation week. The kids brought small tokens each day, and PTA fed us lunch one day and breakfast another, and left treats all week. This time of year, we NEED to feel the love ;)