Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wabbit Season

IN THE NEWS: "Robbie ''Kaptain'' Knievel, son of the late daredevil Evel Knievel, successfully jumped over 24 delivery trucks Saturday night at the site of one of his father's most famous stunts." Read more HERE.

Well, I got to really enjoy about 24 hours or so of being published before the "joy" of enjoy was sucked from my life. Reality has a way of sneaking in and smacking you upside the head when you least expect it. That's all right. It probably keeps me humble. (Somewhat humble)

Anyhew, thanks to everyone who entered/is entering/are thinking about entering my little contest and a BIG ole thanks to those who said they bought my book/are thinking about buying my book. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

So what was I going to blog about? Oh yeah.

I'm having a little love/hate relationship with bunnies right now. Bunnies, rabbits, those furry little creatures with white cotton tails. Yes, I know they're so cute. I know. But they're also eating all my newly planted flowers.

All my newly planted expensive flowers.

I managed to scare one away before he hacked the rest of this lily, but the little bugger did do damage to one stalk on the right.

When I came home from vacation, this is what I saw of my other lily.

Yeah. Nice, huh? You're probably thinking, What lily? Well, trust me. There was--"was" being the key word-- quite a bunch of lilies there before I left.

So I bought some Liquid Fence. It stinks--literally not figuratively. The smell is supposed to "train" rabbits not to come in the yard. Unfortunately, it stinks so much, it's keeping me out of my own yard too.

Any other non-harmful ways to keep bunnies away? I'd LOVE some ideas.


Diane Craver said...

I don't have any suggestions. I have a problem with birds pecking at my flowers. My daughter Amanda gets exercise this way though and goes outside when she sees them. She screams at them to leave my flowers alone. LOL

Hope the rabbits leave your flowers alone.

Chicki said...

I've heard the putting a line of mothballs around the outside of the garden does the trick for rabbits, sqwuirrels, possums, etc. They stink too, but it's not the same smell as Liquid Fence.

Anastasia St. James said...

Hi, jennifer,

I found my way here from RRT and wanted to congratulate you with your release. I watched your trailer, it looks like it will be a fan read.

I'm sorry the rabbits ruined your happy day. Maybe some of these products will help: :-)

If not, you might want to consider a stew. ;-) LOL. Just kidding. They are too cute for that. Well, maybe not these ones since they have become the enemy. If nothing else works you might consider a cat. :-)

Good luck with the rabbit hunt and happy sales!!!