Friday, May 30, 2008

What's Your Profile?

MENTAL STATUS: "Stressed". Throwing a last minute BBQ together at my house with two other couples and kids. I'm thinking surf and turf.

Over on one of the various yahoo groups I belong to one of the authors posted some interesting statistics on the "profile of a book" buyer from Zogby International.

Here's a small sample of what they said:

The most-frequently named factor in making someone want to buy a book is suggestions from friends and family (60 percent), followed by book reviews (49 percent). Thirty-one percent of online shoppers "depend on online reviews for recommendations" (it's not clear if these are consumer reviews, though).

In contrast to some previous data, 38 percent of the respondents said that "very often" they go into a bookstore knowing what they're looking for while 43 percent said that's the case "somewhat often." Still, 77 percent said they will at least some times make additional unplanned book purchases when were looking for a specific title. The subject is what draws most browsers first (48 percent).

I definitely buy books on recommendations. Sometimes I browse looking for chick-lit or romantic comedies. I always click on the "if you like so and so, try this author". I do and then read the reviews/blurb. (Leaning more heavily on the blurb) I've tried a few authors that way.

I've also bought quite a few books from reading various blogs--Ally Carter and Eileen Cook come to mind, but I know there were a few more, including e-book authors. If I enjoyed what an author had to say and/or how they said it on their blog, I was more than willing to buy their book.

I've bought books because of RITA or other contest wins, too. Usually to see what the fuss was about on a book.

How about you? What's your "book buyer profile"?


Chicki said...

Since I stopped working my day job, I don't buy nearly as many books as I used to. Other than sticking with my favorite authors, I usually buy new authors based on recommendations from friends, author interviews and online reviews. I've never bought a book because it won a contest because contests don't carry any weight in the A-A literary world.

lainey bancroft said...

My book buying profile is EXACTLY like yours!

Surf & turf. Mmmm. Can I crash the BBQ?

Anonymous said...

You like chick-lit and rom com? You need to read my book, Click! :D Just sayin'. AND proceeds go to RD...just sayin. :D

I'm with Lainey on the surf and turf, btw. When should we be there ;)

Ellen said...

I'll buy by author, then by blurb.

Todd D. Severin said...

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