Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes

IN THE NEWS: "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage: Which may or may not have been what Frank and Anita Milford drove away from their wedding ceremony on May 26, 1928, in Torpoint, a village in Southwest England." Read more HERE.

I'm not sure why I titled my blog post "Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes". Perhaps because it's a Jimmy Buffet song, or perhaps because I'm tired and really couldn't think of a better title. That's the beauty of having your own blog.
Anyhew, I totally forgot to write about the Jimmy Buffet concert. Well, in a word, it was... TAME.

I don't know. I may have expected too much. The tailgating part was fun. And hot. But fun. I drank homemade mojitos. Yummy--and I love saying the word mojito. (Pronounced mo-hee-to)MOJITO. Go ahead. Try it. The word just rolls off your tongue.
Oh, wait. Where was I? Oh, yeah. The concert. TAME. Mello, if you will. Can you believe nobody in our section stood up when he began to play? What's that all about? I mean, I can see you wanting to sit for...Il Divo, or Josh Groban, or even Canadian Brass. But Jimmy Buffet? Come on.

Jimmy's not getting any younger but he still rocked. So my neighbor and hubby and I decided to stand and dance in the aisle. The usher must have told us four or five times throughout the night to go sit in our seats, but I felt bad standing up in front of people, so we kept moving to the aisle. We had a great time, though--even surrounded by all those non-dancers. And even when the sky opened up and rained like you would not believe right before he came on. Did I mention that part? Well, it least it stopped raining (and lightning) and the rest of the night was nice after a little while.
I ended up bringing a "Southwestern Salsa" which was a big hit to the tailgate. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. (If I can find it)
Off to chaperone a school trip to play miniature golf. **rolling eyes again**
Life is rough when you're in kindergarten.


Chicki said...

I hate when you go to a concert and everybody sits because I'm an aisle dancer too. Dear Hubby never joins me, but whatever . . .

Summer events outdoors can be so iffy. Being outside during electrical storms freaks me out. Glad you had a good time anyway.

Debora said...

They made you sit? How un-jimmy buffett of them...killjoys!

I'm glad you had a good time though! Rock on girlfriend. :)

Edie said...

I love it that you moved to an aisle. I'm short, and when people dance in front of me, I can't see.

Anyway, you and your hubby rocked, so that was fun.

Lesley said...

Those bum ushers! Don't they know how to enjoy a concert! That's like going to a football game and not jumping up and down like a madman when your team gets a touchdown! I mean what are we doing? Watching the ascot?!

Anonymous said...

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