Friday, June 13, 2008

Par-tay Weekend

IN THE NEWS: "Long-tailed macaque monkeys have a reputation for knowing how to find food — whether it be grabbing fruit from jungle trees or snatching a banana from a startled tourist. Now, researchers say they have discovered groups of the silver-haired monkeys in Indonesia that fish." Read more HERE.

Well, I got most of the things I wanted to get done yesterday. More importantly, I got the writing I wanted to get done. So I'm happy.

We had cocktail reception hospital fundraiser (is that descriptive enough?) last night to go which was fun. Not too fun for me, since I ended up the designated driver and drove a bunch of our neighbors home. But I did laugh a lot.

This weekend we have a lot going on, too. We're going to a Jimmy Buffet concert tomorrow, and then, of course, Father's Day and my mother-in-law's birthday. Could I manage to pack anything else into these two little days? I think not.

I'm worrying a little bit. The gift I ordered for my hubby for Father's day isn't here yet. And apparently there is a whole tailgating thing that goes on at a Jimmy Buffet concert, so I need to figure out what to bring. Alcohol is covered. Fruit and sandwich platters are covered. I think someone else is bringing a dip. I don't know what to make now.

I haven't tailgated anywhere in a LONG time. What do people bring to eat? Any ideas?


lainey bancroft said...

Beef satays always go over big. I marinate a thick sirloin steak in coke (or Pepsi if you'd rather) garlic, ginger and hot mustard for a couple hour. Slice it thin and thread it on mini skewers. Grill voila, they're great hot but they're good warmish too so if you wanted to take them somewhere, wrap 'em in tinfoil.
When I want to get really fancy I put a chunk of pinapple and a marashino cherry on there too!

Have a great time!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Hmmm... I know nothing about tailgaiting, but lots about eating and it seems like the very important group of sugar and its subgroup of chocolate is being ignored. How about a batch of brownies? Also, I like the article you liked to at the top!

Chicki said...

I know nothing about tailgating, since I don't do the sports thing...

Enjoy your very full weekend!

Fionn Jameson said...

Fried chicken!!! Yum!

Have fun at the concert and the tailgating! :) Make sure you don't have more fun at the tailgating, though, LOL.

Lesley said...

Argh! Jimmy Buffett!? I'm so jealous!

Hope you had fun!