Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oven Woes

IN THE NEWS: "Standing-room-only service on airplanes? Even if airlines are lukewarm to the idea, an informal survey indicates a number of passengers may be willing to stand for the duration of their flight if it means lower fares." Read more HERE.

I'm depressed. I was happy yesterday. I think my "mental status" even went as far as declaring that I was... thrilled. Gee, what happened?

Well, I'll tell you. It's my new oven. The broken one. Yep. The new oven that's broken. UGH. My family and I could have went on 6 day vacation for the price I paid for this oven and it doesn't work. So you can see why I'm a bit depressed.

The appliance people want to send someone out to fix it. I want a new oven that works. Not a new oven that needs to be serviced.

Houston, we might have a problem. (We'll see what happens)

Anyhew, on the writing front, I was very happy to hear the results of the 2008 RITA Awards. (For those of you who don't know, the RITA is similar to winning... an Oscar. So it's pretty cool)

2008 RITA Winner for Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure
Treasure by Helen Brenna Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Superromance -(0373714033)Johanna Raisanen, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Young Adult Romance
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr HarperCollins Publishers, HarperTeen (978-0-06-121465-3)Anne Hoppe and Nick Lake, editors

2008 RITA Winner for Best Historical Romance
Lessons of Desire by Madeline Hunter Bantam Dell Publishing Group (9780440243946)Shauna Summers, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Regency Historical Romance
The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books (0061230839)Lyssa Keusch, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Contemporary Series Romance
Snowbound by Janice Johnson Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Superromance (0-373-71454-8)Laura Shin, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Inspirational Romance
A Touch of Grace by Linda Goodnight Harlequin Enterprises, Steeple Hill Love Inspired (978-0-373-87426-2)Allison Lyons, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Romance Novella
“Born in My Heart” in Like Mother, Like Daughter by Jennifer Greene Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin NEXT (0-373-88134)Melissa Jeglinski, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Paranormal Romance
Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward Penguin Group USA, Signet, Onyx (978-0-451-41235-5)Kara Cesare, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn Harlequin Enterprises, MIRA(978-0-7783-2410-2)Valerie Gray, editor

2008 RITA Winner for Best Romantic Suspense
Ice Blue by Anne Stuart Harlequin Enterprises, MIRA(0778324788)

2008 RITA for Best First Book Finalists
Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books(978-0-06-113615-3)Erika

2008 RITA Winner for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance
Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins Harlequin Enterprises, HQN (0-373-7724-6)

I read Catch of the Day and loved it! Kristan Higgins is a talented author (and super nice person) Check her book out!

And wish me well as I deal with my oven issues. :)


Chicki said...

Yay! My girl, J.R. Ward won! She SO deserves it.

Diane Craver said...

I'm sorry to hear about your new oven. How frustrating. They should give you a new one.

Stephanie said...

Stick to your guns about the oven, it's still under warranty!

lainey bancroft said...

Yep, I'm with ya on the oven! NEW! New! new! new!

Here's a square of 'er, 'tissue' to dry your tears of frustration, cuz, like, I have some to spare this week. =)

Virginia Lady said...

Sorry to hear about the oven. I hope it's a simple thing and not the start of a recurring problem.

Thanks for the list of winners. And I agree, Chicki, JR rocks, and particularly that story, she so deserved to win.