Thursday, October 23, 2008

Conference Time!

IN THE NEWS: "IOWA CITY, Iowa - A judge has ordered an suburban Chicago woman to stay away from her fiance , two weeks before their wedding." Read more here.

Let me tell you, I have been BUSY getting ready for the NJRW conference. I've had all these little nit picky errands to take care of before I leave the family on their own. But I think they'll be ok now. (I hope)

So today, I must actually pack and get all my paperwork together since I won't be home tonight (going out to dinner with friends). I need to get my nails done too. I really should have gotten my hair done too, but a few weeks ago it looked good. Now it doesn't look so good, and it's too late because my hairdresser doesn't work on Thursdays. Where was my brain?

Anyway, this will be the last post until Monday. But I'll regale you with a cute exchange I had with the kiddo the other night as she was brushing her teeth.

kiddo: "Mommy, does something happen to you if you die on a Sunday?"

me (wondering where this is going) "Uh, no. Why do you ask?"

kiddo: "Because, you know, it's God's day."

I thought that was so stinkin' cute! I guess she thought people would be in trouble if they died and God was relaxing somewhere taking his day off. :)

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

How cute! Maybe she just didn't know where you would go if you died while God was on vacation. HA! I'm envisioning a closed door nestled in the clouds with a sign, "Will return at 8 am Monday." I guess she'd just have to wait in line! ;oD

Have a great time at the conference!

Kristen Painter said...

I bet the lines to get in are shorter on a Sunday, tho. ;o)

Have a good time at the con!

Diane Craver said...

That's so cute what your daughter said.

I'm glad you're getting to go to the conference. Have fun!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Have fun at the conference - it sounds like it will be a great time!

Chicki said...

Kiddo is adorable! It's amazing the way their minds work.

Stephanie said...

BTW, I made your pumpkin bread last night It's YOUR fault now that I blew weight watchers. :oPPPPPP

Seriously, it was wonderful! I'm posting a recipe on my site today for a cake that tastes similar and takes 1/4 of the time if you're ever in a hurry for something like that but don't have the time...

Theresa Stillwagon said...

Kids say the cutest things, don't they? I wish I could go to a writer's conference someday. I hope you get a lot of benefit from it.