Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it Snow!

IN THE NEWS: "So you get the impression that you are one of a very few who prays on a regular basis? Take encouragement!" Read more here.

I'm EXHAUSTED. Went to bed before 9PM last night, too, so that tells you something. I had two children's birthday-extravaganza-all-afternoon parties to go to, went Christmas shopping, and to dinner/dancing fundraiser. I'm pooped.

PS. I still don't have any Christmas cards ordered. (grrr)

I NEED to take care of that today--or I'm afraid it just won't happen. (I'm good either way, though.) I think.

On a plus note, I may not have Christmas cards, but I do have snow. Fake snow, that is, here on my blog--for the holiday season. I find it soothing and Christmasy.

Whatcha think of it?


Marianne Arkins said...

I love the snow! Very festive :-)

Chicki said...

We moved to Atlanta to get away from the snow. This is about all I can take! LOL!

Very nice special effect.

Stephanie said...

So pretty! I LOVE snow!

Good luck on the cards. We tried to get pictures of the kids this weekend, but my 4 month old was the only cooperative one. UGH. Back to the drawing board!

Jessica said...

LOL, I didn't notice at first. Very cool. How did you do it?

Bethanne said...

it is PUURRRRTY. I love snow. Real especially. Good luck with your cards this week [TODAY]. It's a busy time of year so don't stress over it.

Chelle Sandell said...

LOL...we're supposed to get snow tomorrow. *sigh* Oklahoma drivers don't have a usually ends up looking like bumper car or a smash up derby.

Your schedule amazes me!! How much coffee do you drink in the mornings?!