Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life Begins Today!

MENTAL STATUS: "Excited". Got an early Christmas gift!

Yes, I finally got the SONY electronic reader.

Three great things about this are:

1) It was free (Yes, FREE)

2) It's an early Christmas gift to myself

3) I can finally read all those e-books stashed in no man's land on my PC.

How did I get a free e-reader? Well, instead of those points you earn for frequent flyer miles, I cashed them in on electronic stuff instead. So... I ordered the hubby a gift (which I can't say in case he sees this), a HP Photosmart printer for my mom's computer ( a Christmas gift for her), and an e-reader for myself.

Sweet, huh?

I'm so glad I won't have to clutter up the house any more with all the books I love to read. Now they'll all be neatly piled into this sleek little handheld device. Ahhh... it's liberating!

Do you have an e-reader?


Chicki said...

That's great! I want a Kindle SO bad, but right now it's not on my short list.

This snow shower is so calming ...

Diane Craver said...

That's wonderful, Jennifer. I hate reading ebooks on my laptop but love to order them and get them instantly. Enjoy your reading!

And you did good getting free stuff.

Jessica said...

Oh, pretty cool. So, you hold it in your hand? Let us know how it works. I have trouble imagining life without my paper books. :-) I'm interested to see if the reading experience is the same with these e-readers.

Stephanie said...

I'm so behind on the times, (I just got an ipod back in October), so an e-reader probably won't come for another 10 years...or more.

But it looks really cool!

Marianne Arkins said...

OOOOH.... color me green with envy!! Nope, don't have one. Want one. Desperately.

And, Stephanie? I don't even have a iPod! LOL...

Writing for Crows said...

This is totally cool. I dont have a e-reader except for my mobile phone with is a blackberry. works, almost.

Shelley Munro said...

Ooh, I'm jealous. That looks so pretty. We can't get them easily over here in NZ.