Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweating the Small Stuff

MENTAL STATUS: "Slightly stressed". It's already December 5th and I have no Christmas cards to send out.

I'm a little concerned.

Well, actually, I believe the correct saying would be "I'm sweating the small stuff" right now. Yeah. That's because I still need to order, get, sign, and send out Christmas cards.

I have no stamps either, but that's besides the point.

I can honestly say this is the one area I stress over during the holidays. I've got a good handle on gifts even though I'm not done. (At least I have a plan of attack with that) But there's a lot of pressure with a Christmas card. In some cases, this is the only contact you may have with a person THE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR. So you want to make it good.

At least I do.

Anyhew, I can't decide what picture to use. And I can't decide if I should write something in the card this year or not. I'm not really a big fan of those lengthy summaries people put in cards on what they have been up to for the past year--unless, of course, they have something to say I don't already know. Or they say it in an interesting way.

This year is the first year I actually have something to say. The hubby turned forty, he started surfing, I wrote a book and am on Amazon. Ya know, good stuff a lot of people don't know. So I must work on this today--or at the very latest this weekend.

Hopefully, it will go as painlessly as possible and I can somehow get them out before Christmas.

Are you sweating the small stuff?


Chicki said...

I gave up on sending Christmas cards about fifteen years ago. It got to be such a chore during a time when we're already ridiculously busy. We started making Christmas Eve/Day phone calls instead to family and friends that we won't be able to see in person.

lainey bancroft said...


No cards. No gifts. No decorating done yet because I looked in the Christmas cupboard and fainted from the mess! Today is officially the day to start sweating stuff small and large!

Good luck with the cards.

Patricia W. said...

Nope, no sweat for the small stuff. I stopped worrying about all that stuff years ago. You do what you can.

I do send out a few cards each year but very few. We make phone calls too. Nice to talk with everyone.

Kristen Painter said...

I don't send cards either. It's a waste of time, money and paper in my opinion. People just throw them out anyway. Honestly, if people think I'm not wishing them a Merry Christmas because I'm not sending them a card, then they're foolish and don't deserve a card anyway.

Stephanie said...

This is considered small stuff? We haven't even taken pictures yet and believe me I'm STRESSING! ;oD

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I ordered my Christmas cards, and am waiting for them to come in the mail. This is only my 2nd year of doing Christmas cards, and so far I like it - it is a good way to stay in touch with people who aren't on facebook or myspace. ;)

Bethanne said...

I'm sweating this manuscript getting done by December 31st. I wing Christmas every year with the excuse that presents and cards aren't what Christmas is really about. :D LOL

Jessica said...

Does stressing because the kitchen floor hasn't been mopped in two days count?
You know, last year I didn't send out cards at all. It was wonderfully liberating. You could toss tradition and convention (and some might say manners) and just send one e-mail to everyone. You'll save time, paper, money, and brainpower.

Diane Craver said...

Good luck on getting your cards done and you should tell everyone about your blessings this past year. How cool you have a book on Amazon!

I haven't started my cards and it is a nice way to stay in touch. We actually keep the cards we receive after Christmas and put them in a bowl. We draw a card out each day and pray for the person who sent it.

Prixie said...

its my first 'proper' christmas in the northern hemiphere - by that i mean a cold christmas. i find it to be a great atmosphere and, well, quite magical. hope that inspires you :)

Allie Boniface said...

I do send cards every year; I think it's a nice way to keep up with friends and family I don't see during the year. I'm actually fairly ahead of schedule (for me) this year. I have my cards (picture cards of hubby and me, done at Walmart). Sending them out? Hmm. That will be another thing altogether. I used to write lengthy notes. This year I probably won't.