Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Feeling It!

IN THE NEWS: "A federal judge in Brooklyn has rejected a Liberian woman's religious reasons for smuggling endangered monkey meat into the country." Read more HERE.

I am so feeling the new year!

I'm already feeling productive writing wise and health wise. I couldn't do the Master Cleanse--for reasons only my family are now brutally aware of--**cough cough** but I am doing a daily "fast". Just liquids until 5PM. I can't believe how clear my mind feels just doing that. (Then I do eat a sensible dinner, of course.)

Anyhew, my goal this week is to read a short book and write a short chapter. Simple. To the point. Nothing fancy. And very attainable. Booyah!

What's your goal this week?


Nadia said...

Did you ever buy a hamster?

Chicki said...

My goals for today are 1) finish Chapter Five of HOLLYWOOD; finish the chapter review of the last chapter of HOT FUN; 2) send out two query letter to agents who don't require a synopsis up front. :)

It's suddenly changed into monsoon season here in the ATL, so I'm not leaving the house today -- good day to write.

Anonymous said...

Just liquids till 5pm? Good for you - don't think I could handle that. I just had a banana (drizzled with hershey's syrup - how unhealthy am I???)


Kristen Painter said...

Hey, you know you can still drink the lemonade for breakfast and lunch, then have a healthy dinner. That's supposed to be a great way to continue losing weight after the cleanse, but I'm sure you could do it even if you hadn't done the cleanse.

Nadia said...

BTW -- What is this cleanse thing?

Shelley Munro said...

Le sigh - I need to cut back. After this weekend. Hubby and I are going away for a few days and there will be food and drink. ;)

My goal this week was to get back into routine and my writing groove. I'm there. I've had a great writing week already.

Stephanie said...

Chapter 3 of The Picture. I just finished 2 and it was a booger. Oh and finish everyone else at PC's critiques. Only Deb's and Val's to go!