Monday, March 16, 2009

Party Details...

MENTAL STATUS: "Crabby". Not sure why, but I didn't sleep too well.

I found out a few more details about my party this weekend:

**I heard there was talk about renting a tent with heaters because--although my friend's house is huge--there was concern about how many people it could hold comfortably. (But they decided to cut the guest list instead)

**there is talk about my friend moving furniture out of her house for this party

**when asked if there would be dancing involved, the response was "Do fish swim?"

**there will be a bartender

Hmm... this sounds like a nice party. (Not that I doubted it for a second)

In preparation for this party, I was asked to supply a dolled up picture of myself. Well, I don't have one. So the hubby drove me over my friend's house after church so she could take a picture of me. (She's pretty handy with a camera)

I wasn't prepared for that, and I didn't think I looked exactly "dolled up". I was more... church dolled up. And I wasn't wearing any mascara and I was a little rained on. But I was assured she got some nice photos of me. I only saw two of them. (More secrets) They were nice, but if she could make me look like I have eyelashes and air brush the double chin out, we might have something.

(She said she'd see what she could do.)

Anyhew, I'm all about writing today. I actually wrote an outline for the rest of the story I'm working on and I think I may actually have something.

Have a great day!


Kristen Painter said...

I need to write today too. This party sounds better and better!

The Writer in Me said...

WOOT for writing! I guess I should get around to that at some point.

Chicki said...

It's a writing day for me too. I'm getting out of the house and away for the Internet.

Wish I could come to the party ...