Monday, July 15, 2013

More More Misc Monday

Happy Monday!

Well, this week is RWA's National Annual Conference.
And I won't be going. WAH!

Actually, I decided to nix ALL conferences this year--even my local chapter conference.

WHAT?! I know. Crazy. As much as I learn so much and enjoy myself, part of me felt I needed a little break and should spend the time home writing instead.
The last time I went to Nationals I HAD A BLAST and I will definitely miss seeing and meeting so many great authors. But this was the right decision for me.
Plus, I really should be home to monitor my hot tub delivery.

Like how I slipped that one in?

Yes, I ordered a hot tub and it's in and being delivered tomorrow!! I still can't believe I pulled the trigger on that one. I went and did it on my own (with the green light from the hubby, of course) but I still had a little buyer's remorse afterwards. Thoughts like, "Oh my gosh, what was I thinking? Will I use it? It's such a frivolous thing, do we really need it?" kept going through my mind. Hubby had to step in and calm me down and assure me that we will use it. He's good like that.

I obviously have a hard time spending money.


In other news, I took Sox to puppy orientation. When the instructor made a loud noise to show what you should do if the puppy was doing something wrong, it scared Sox so much he peed on the floor. I guess you could say he was so scared he peed his pants. LOL Poor thing.

I'm judging a writing contest for my local RWA chapter. That's keeping me busy this week too. But so far, I'm really enjoying the entries. :)

And that's it for me.

Who is going to Nationals this week?
Do you have a hard time spending money too?


Sandra Orchard said...

I'm staying home, too. Like you, I decided to skip conferences this year, although I attended our local one. :) I have a hard time spending money, but a hot tub sounds like great therapy for aching back muscles after a day at the computer. Enjoy!

Maria Zannini said...

LOL. I have to justify everything before I buy. But a hot tub sounds like a great idea.

And poor Sox. I hope that's not an indication that thunder might scare him.

Southpaw said...

Aw, poor Sox! Mean ol' instructor. I know how you feel about big purchases. I hem and haw for days - before I say yes - then I worry over it until it arrives. But a hot tub sounds like a pretty good purchase to me. ;)

Carol Kilgore said...

Poor Sox! Congrats on your hot tub! I have a hard time with big purchases like that, too. But I think you'll really love it!

Julie Jarnagin said...

I've never been to the RWA conference, but I'm planning to go to the ACFW conference in September. It will be my fourth (I think). It's always fun to see friends that I only see once a year.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Poor little Sox!!!!! That's a cute story though.

You're gonna enjoy that hot tub for sure!

Melissa Tagg said...

Hi Jennifer--I'm not sure I've ever stopped by your blog before, but I've seen your name around. Anyway, just had to comment and say uh mega jealousy going on here. I want a hot tub!! My parents have one, so I like to find excuses to travel home and make use of it... :)

Karen Lange said...

I have that buyer's remorse thing all the time. Never tried it on a hot tub, though. LOL

I am sure that you will get use out of the hot tub. It sounds great! :)

About that bucket list thing, let me know if you ever get to the Derby - I live about 45 minutes from Churchill Downs.

Happy writing! :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I think the peeing is a sign of things to come!

My husband don't like to spend money on himself so I have to do it for him. I bet you will love that hot tub.

Linda G. said...

I'm staying home, too, and I don't even have a new hot tub to console me. *grin* I hope you enjoy yours, though. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy the hot tub:)

Stacy McKitrick said...

I'm not going to National's either. I would have gone if my book had finaled in the Golden Heart, but alas, it was not to be! Which is just as well. Couldn't really justify the expense.

Don't think I'll ever get a hot tub, either. Mainly because I can't stand the bugs outside! Yep, wimp here! Hope you enjoy yours.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sox is irresistibly adorable.

I'm okay with spending money on someone else, but when it comes to spending on myself, I squeeze a penny until Abe squeals.

You'll love your hot tub. We enjoyed ours for quite a few years before we got rid of it. (Actually, the cedar from the old hot tub got re-purposed as the bed in my hubby's 1930 Model A ratrod, so it's kinda still with us.)

Em-Musing said...

You're going to thoroughly enjoy that hot tub. And me? No RWA Nationals for me either. I'm trying to get more focused on editing so I can submit more. Ahhh...I can hear those bubbles now.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh man, my husband and I are super frugal too. I'm skipping out on a conference I love going to...have some other ideas of how I might need to spend the funds.

Enjoy your home time.
~ Wendy

Linda Kage said...

I'm not going to Nationals either. I've never made it, and I just drool every time I listen to my writing friends talk about it every year. So jealous of them.

And now, I'm jealous of you. But a hot tub. Cool! As social as you are, I think you'll use it a lot. Congrats!

Linda Glaz said...

Sometimes you just need the break.

Jessica R. Patch said...

I'm cracking up over the dog peeing! I almost peed my pants when the guy next to me dropped his weights and it shook the machine and sounded like Armageddon coming!

I WISH I had a hard time spending money. I know how to manage it, but I'd rather not lol!

Hope you enjoy that hot tub!

Gabrielle Meyer said...

I love hot tubs! We'd love to get one someday. I am much more frugal than my husband, but our biggest problem is that we're both great often means having a remodeling list a mile long. :) Have fun in your hot tub!!

Editors At Work said...

I was at the nationals last year. But looking at pics on FB, I miss it!
All the best with the judging Jennifer!


Jeanette Levellie said...

I think you made the right decision to stay home this year, but I know that's a hard one.

NO, I never have a hard time spending money! It's keeping it that challenges me!

Poor Soxy. I feel his pain. I hate being yelled at, too.

Congrats on the hot tub!

Tara Tyler said...

lots of awws!
aww not going to conf
aww you got a hot tub!
aww puppy piddled
and aww right for judging!