Monday, March 26, 2007

Best Day Ever

IN THE NEWS: According to the Press of Atlantic City, "Next Tuesday night's American Idol will run a little long, not that you'll necessarily notice, but long enough so that "Dancing with the Stars" will feel it. Fox announced Thursday that next week's Tuesday performance show, featuring the Top 10 and guest mentoring from Gwen Stefani, will go from 8 p.m. until 9:07 p.m."
( I laughed when I read this. AI gets away with anything they want.)

Well, according to my daughter, our day at the circus this Saturday was "the best day ever".
Isn't that sweet?

We had great seats. (Very close) The weather held out, too. (It was supposed to rain, but the sun came out instead) And even though we were a tad late (thanks to Grandmom--long story), the whole experience was VERY fun--oh, except the$7 popcorn and the $15 snow cone. Grrr. They weren't fun. But I suppose they all go along with the whole circus experience.

Here's a little taste of what you all missed:

If you like a lot of crazy stuff going on at once--then you would loved the show. I needed a nap when we got home because of looking in so many places at once for two hours.
Acrobats doing some funky pyramid

I posted this pic of the elephants because Ringling Brothers assured the audience they have a lovely Asian elephant conservation in Florida where all these elephants live and retire. I feel less guilty now.

"Bello" the head clown on one of those big rotating thingy-dingys.
More acrobat stuff.

The Human Cannonball (VERY cool!!) They said they shot out at over 60 m/h.

All the acrobats were AMAZING. With my fear of heights, I had my hand over my mouth for most of the show, thinking about how I was going to explain an ugly accident to my daughter's fragile psyche. But I'm happy to report everyone stayed safe and there wasn't one tiger attack either.
(Although I wouldn't have blamed those tigers if they did attack. They did NOT look happy.)
Anyhew, after the circus we all went for sloppy hamburgers and more water ice.
So I guess when you end on a note like that, it HAD to be one of the best days ever.
What did you do this weekend?


Chelle Sandell said...

I was never a fan of the circus, but tried to get my oldest to go several times. No go. He hates clowns and cried if I ever tried to insist we go.

But now the little one wants to go and brother is worried it'll give him nightmares. He says I'm a bad mom for suggesting the little one be exposed to the "clown freaks". Oh well.

Chicki said...

I'm with Chelle -- not a circus person either, but there's one circus that stands out among the crowd. It's the Universoul Circus. They travel all over the nation and some foreign countries. All of the performers are black, the music is old school R&B and current popular hip-hop. My daughter took the kids last month with their homeschool support group and they came back raving. If you ever get a chance to see them when they come to Philly or New York, do it.