Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Toast to...TOAST

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". Coming along on my "wip" (even though I need to rewrite the last few paragraphs of chapter 7) and been taking care of little house projects, too.

I did it. I finally did it and ordered the Cadillac of toasters--well, it should be called that for the price I paid. But I guess that's Williams Sonoma for ya.

It's about time. Our old toaster was such worthless pile of wires. The knobs were all warped, too, because I left the pancake griddle too close to it one day.

Anyhew, check out these features:

Breville Ikon 4-Slice Toaster

We love this toaster’s winning combination of good looks and user-friendly high-tech features. Use the browning dial to precisely adjust your desired shade from light to dark, then watch the electronic countdown timer to see when your toast will be ready.

A “lift and look” feature lets you raise the toast to adjust browning at mid cycle, and an audible signal indicates when toasting is complete. The brushed stainless-steel toaster has extra-wide slots. Its nine settings include one-sided bagel toasting, defrost, reheat and cancel.
Sweet, huh?

Now I just have to buy that vacuum I've been dreaming about since summer...


Chicki said...

That's more than a Cadillac... a Bentley perhaps.

Very cool.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Wow. All that for a piece of bread. Congratulations and good...toast.

I'm trying soooo hard not to pun.

Stephanie said...

sounds like a winner! I love Williams-Sonoma. My MIL worked there for awhile and got 40% off everything. We took advantage of that quite often! I need a new vacuum too. I dream of a dyson. And one of those really cool new George Foreman's with interchangeable plates!

Virginia Lady said...

Go buy it. Go buy that vacuum. It'll be worth every penny. You can't imagine the dirt that cheap vacs miss, and if anyone in your house has allergies it could really help them out.

I waited for ages to buy a new vac, once I did both my kid's asthma improved and my husband's congestion problems got a lot better. Of course, all that goes down hill if I don't actually use the machine regularly enough, but it has definitely been worth the expense.

And congrats on your new toaster! That's one of those things that can drive you crazy in a slow insane way. :-)

Eileen said...

I always find it funny how I can live with something for an absurdly long time and when I finally replace it I'm shocked with how much better it can be.