Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let There Be LIght

IN THE NEWS: "Finger Length May Predict Financial Success." Read more here.

Here's my new kitchen lamp: (Christmas gift from my mom)

I didn't take a picture of my old lamp. (Sorry). I was so excited about this one, I forgot. But the old lamp was blue and yellow stained glass. I think this one is "prettier" and matches my kitchen better since I changed all my cabinet hardware to silver, too.


In other breaking news...

My husband just informed me that I MISSED THE PREMIERE OF AMERICAN IDOL LAST NIGHT!!!!!

Wah! And ack!

How I could do that? What was I doing? I don't remember. But it wasn't watching TV.

I really hope another one is on tonight. Did anyone watch it? Did I miss anything good?


Chicki said...

Usually the first few shows are just the worst auditions and silly stuff.

IMO, it's not worth watching until they get down to the top 20 (or whatever.)

Idol has annoyed me so much in the past two years, I've given up on watching it. Because the public votes, it ends up being a popularity contest and not a singing contest. All of the tweens and teens hog the phone lines to vote for the cute guy rather than the plain guy who can really sing (like Elliot Yamin). Or they vote for the girl who is most like them (Jordan Sparks) rather than an older, less attractive woman who's could blow everybody away (Melinda Dolittle).

Okay, finished ranting now ...

Kristen Painter said...

Wait - are you serious? American Idol was on last night? Crap crap crap. I'm going to be in a bad mood all day now. How did I miss that?

Stephanie said...

Love the lamp. I was over at NBC watching biggest loser. I need motivation. ;oD

Patricia W. said...

I was flipping between AI and Biggest Loser.

My impressions after the first night of auditions (in Phoenix):

--The contestants on average are younger. Many of them talked about "growing up" wanting to be on Idol and were either 16 or 17 years old.

-- Simon's losing his patience. You probably don't believe he had any but you can tell that he's losing interest, I think.

-- Paula's holding on for dear life, especially now that there's a new female judge, Kara, and Randy is in for the ride, however long it may be.

One contestant actually showed up and sang wearing a bikini. She did a sorry Mariah Carey and made it through to Hollywood anyway, in part because Simon and Randy were so bowled over by her attire. Both ladies voted against her, not hatin' but she really wasn't much of a singer.

Jessica said...

Hahaa. No I don't watch it but I'm sorry you missed it. :-(
So, finger length predicts success? That's a crock. Snort.

Marianne Arkins said...

I forgot about American Idol, but my TiVo did not.

TiVo, how do I love thee?

I had it on season pass from last year, so it autorecorded it for me when it started again, bless it's little mechanical heart.