Monday, February 17, 2014

Muscle Talk

Happy Monday, all!

So...I'm starting my 6th week of P90x3 and I already see some muscle definition. Woo-hoo!

But a good chunk of the reason why is probably because the hubby and I have changed our diet. We've pretty much eliminated any added sugar. What I mean by that is we usually like a little sugar after dinner. I was big on Weight Watcher ice cream and the hubby liked hard candies.

No more!

(Or at least while we're doing this training program...)

Plus, we've been incorporating PowerBar protein bars and protein shakes into our diet as well. Muscle Milk is

pretty tasty and my shake of choice after a workout! We've added vitamins, including D and Omega oil supplements, too.
Sheesh. I think it's a sign I'm getting old. LOL!

But I feel good so that's all that matters. That and the free t-shirt matters.
You see, if you send in your "before" and "after" pictures to the website you can get a "Crushed It" P90x3 T-shirt. :)

I want one.

Nuff said.

Have a great and healthy week, everyone!

Have you ever tried protein bars or shakes? Do you think they work?


Chelle Sandell said...

You go girl!! I've tried the shakes before and quit because it never seemed to satisfy the hunger or cravings. But with some health news lately, and even more weight gain, it's time to pull the shake routine again and focus on finding exercises that won't put me in bed. I need to find a gentle yoga DVD.

Maria Zannini said...

I once considered giving this to one of my geriatric dogs who has trouble getting enough calories. (I wanted him to get his calories from protein.)

I can't remember where I read this, but in the end I decided not to give it to him because I read that many of these protein powders contain heavy metals.

It might not be so bad for healthy humans but I didn't want to take that chance with a feeble dog.

Keep on training, woman! You're like a dynamo. :)

Connie Keller said...

I don't know whether the protein bars work, but I love the Nature Valley Peanut butter dark chocolate ones. (Okay, they taste like candy bars, but healthy ones. ;)

Long live the workouts--I'm off to mine now.

Old Kitty said...

I have this image of you and hubby as super gorgeous toned and utterly fit couple!!! Wow!! Good luck with the new diet and fitness regime! Take care

Stacy McKitrick said...

I've seen the calorie count on some of those protein bars and shudder. Plus, they don't even taste all that good. I think you can eat healthy without them, but I guess that depends if you have the time to prepare the meal!

I need to get my bod back to the gym. It's just so hard when the weather is crappy like it has been. Yeah, I know. Excuses. I got tons of them! Haha!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm happy you are starting to see some muscle toning. I'm afraid I don't do protein bars or additives though. Since I'm vegetarian, I'd researched to make sure I was getting enough. I found out the average person needs less than 10% of their calories to be protein. (The average American gets over 30%.)

Linda G. said...

Go, go, go! Get that shirt! :)

Sutton Fox said...

Rock on, lady! You are so inspiring. Can't wait until you post a pic of your new T.

We do protein shakes. Don't 'love' them, but feel so much better when I do have one. As far as if they work, sure. Provided the rest of your diet is in line. With you there's no doubt it is. :) Good luck!!

mooderino said...

Changing your diet makes a big difference. Even the most innocuous seeming foods have all sorts of horrible stuff in them. Vegetables FTW!

Moody Writing

Karen Lange said...

I've had protein bars and always had a hard time getting past the "classic protein bar taste" as my daughter calls it. She did tell me about some she recently had that weren't as bad. Will have to ask her again the name. Maybe I'll give Muscle Milk a try.

Cheering you on for the t-shirt! :)

Carol Kilgore said...

Go for the shirt!!!!!